Who we are

Mission: To provide a better future for the children through education


Foundation for Child Education Africa is a charity organization that was started in 2008 with the aim of helping children, especially in rural communities, who are failing to continue with their education.

Our Goals

Educating children who drop out of school due to lack of school fees, uniforms, other scholastic materials

To provide an education for the child who would otherwise not have one due to family and other constraints.

To support the families in the communities we serve in terms of basic medical care, training in various skills and self sustaining income generating activities.


  • Foundation for Child Education Africa (FCEA) has over the past six years educated and cared for 49 children amongst the many enrolled, including four that have graduated with Diplomas in Creative Fine Art, Information Technology, Journalism and Guidance & Counseling respectively.
  • Apart from educating the children by paying their school fees and other requirements, we ensure that they are healthy and well cared for in their homes.
  • We also facilitate the children to travel for educational tours during their schooling. They are then able to know more about their country Uganda and broaden their minds learning new ideas out of school.
  • We employ a volunteer social worker to follow up on the children’s performance at school and wellbeing in their homes. This continuous monitoring has enabled us be more aware of what happens in the children’s lives.
  • We encourage parents and guardians of the children to join free adult literacy classes that take place in the areas we operate. This has enabled them to support their children and family in various ways they never thought of before.
  • We have currently, in 2015 started income generating activities (IGAs) /programs for the families to improve on their livelihood.
  • Free training in the activities is provided as a way of boosting the IGA and members’ abilities.


FCEA is based in Buikwe district in Uganda. The communities we serve are about 8km from Jinja town including the areas of Kiryowa, Butema, Nakakumbi, Nsenge, Buwagajo, Kizigo, Bulungu, Nakibiizi, Kanyogoga and Buziika.