How you can help


Our Work

Foundation for Child Education Africa relies on voluntary donations to support the children in school. We also encourage and help the families we work with to implement self-sustaining projects. Our goal is to improve the livelihood of the children.

Partner with us

For a season, or even just for the moment and help us to bring a smile to a child's face - and give them hope for a brighter future.


Foundation for Child Education Africa accepts donations in all forms to support the children's education. You may choose to sponsor a child for a year, or just for a single term.



Cost per Term / Semester

Cost per Year

Nursery( Pre- School)



Primary(Grade School)



Secondary( High School)

$200 - $400

$595 - $1195


$600 - $1300

$1790 - $2590

School uniforms

Text Books

$35 for a primary school child
$65 for a secondary school child

At least $10.
Gifts such as clothes and storybooks and textbooks are also accepted.