Ibrahim Kakaire

Ibrahim joined FCEA in 2009 and graduated with a Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism on 28th August 2012.


He had this to say:

Word of encouragement to all my fellow brothers and sisters of Foundation for Child Education- Africa, 

All of you in whatever capacity you’re in now, Religion, Tribe, Age, Political affiliation if there is, and Your Ambitions, I would love to encourage you that, I was also like you before, because I had less hope with too much frustrations and I was always stranded before I met Miss Felistas Coutinho. Just know that since you’re under FCEA the Lord will Always be your Shepherd in whatever you do.

Remember to do whatever you do at the right time, right place and with a lot of confidence.

You should not underestimate yourself and strength because I was like you but now am a professional Journalist, working on television as a host and in print media as a reporter, and soon you will be like me.

The year 2013 will be a success for in case you follow these principles;

“Appreciation Builds interest;

Interest Builds Confidence;

Confidence Builds Performance for An Acceptable Child in Society.”


Merry Christmas and Properous 2013.

Lord Bless You


Special Thanks To The Management of Foundation for Child Education Africa.



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